Faster, Higher, Stronger

After a global companywide contest last year, eight Cisco employees were selected to participate in the experience of a lifetime—the chance to carry a torch in the official Torch Relay for the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. As an official supporter of the Rio 2016 Games, we sought out employees who embody the Olympic spirit and bring to life Our People Deal and Cisco values in everything that they do.

Meet Our Torchbearers

This year, as the Olympic flame winds its way around Brazil in the torch relay for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, eight of our employees are among the torchbearers. They are Cisco Olympians, winners of the prize of last year’s torch relay contest.

Watch Our Rio 2016 Torchbearers video and get to know their individual stories and the passions that drive them.

Photo of Bee and Kilimanjaro
Cisco Olympian - Bee Lin - U.S.

Cisco Olympian: Bee Lin

Bee Lin was diagnosed with Stage 4 gastric cancer in September 2014. She bravely battled the disease for almost two years but passed away on July 27, 2016. Fabiano Carneiro, a member of Cisco’s Rio 2016 IT Team, was chosen to run on her behalf. »

Photo of Luis Puig
Cisco Olympian - Luis Puig - Brazil

Cisco Olympian: Luis Puig

As a professional athlete, Luis came one match short of qualifying for the Olympic Games. But that wasn’t the biggest challenge of his life. »

Photo of Kate Baldwin
Cisco Olympian - Kate Baldwin - U.S.

Cisco Olympian: Kate Baldwin

Kate founded Girls Advancing Technology, to open girls’ eyes to a future in science and technology. »

Photo of Srikanth Narasimhan and family
Cisco Olympian - Srikanth Narasimhan - India

Cisco Olympian: Srikanth Narasimhan

As the father of an autistic child, Srikanth advocates finding the "ability" in "disability." His 19-year-old daughter Sanjna uses her artistic talent to inspire others and raise money for charitable causes. »

Photo of Mary Bradburne and Olympic team
Cisco Olympian - Mary Bradburne - U.S.

Cisco Olympian: Mary Bradburne

She won gold, silver and bronze medals at the 1984 and 1988 Olympic Games. »

Photo of Tunji Akintokun
Cisco Olympian - Tunji Akintokun - United Kingdom

Cisco Olympian: Tunji Akintokun

Tunji’s passion for connecting less advantaged youth to technology led him to found an enterprise that is one of the largest of its kind in the United Kingdom. »

Photo of Cody Bell
Cisco Olympian - Cody Bell - U.S.

Cisco Olympian: Cody Bell

His journey took him from a small town in Texas to the U. S. Marine Corps and then a career at Cisco. »

Photo of Alexandre Faroni
Cisco Olympian - Alexandre Faroni- Brazil

Cisco Olympian: Alexandre Faroni

When Alexandre Faroni's son was born with Down syndrome, it changed everything. Now, he is a champion for those with special needs. »

Learn More

As part of our sponsorship of the Rio 2016 Games, we are digitizing with social and urban innovation programs. Read the story Olympics, a Springboard for Creating Lasting Impact.

Also read Determined to Build a Better Future, a story about the young graduates of our Olympic City Program in Rio.

Join the Excitement

You can get involved with Rio 2016. Find out about the Rio 2016 Participation Program and download the Cisco & Rio 2016 Mobile App.

The second–place finalists in our torch relay contest are amazing people with compelling stories to tell. They exemplify the Olympic motto of “Faster, Higher, Stronger”—and they live the spirit of Our People Deal.

Photo of Flavio Bacci
Cisco Olympian - Flavio Bacci- Brazil

Faster, Higher, Stronger: Meet Flavio Bacci

Flavio Bacci channels support from the Cisco community to overcome life's obstacles. »

Photo of Giuseppe Marrara
Cisco Olympian - Giuseppe Marrara- Brazil

Faster, Higher, Stronger: Meet Giuseppe Marrara

Despite personal challenges, Giuseppe Marrara strives to make a difference and see things from a higher perspective. »

Photo of Carolina Barnabe
Cisco Olympian - Carolina Barnabe - Brazil

Faster, Higher, Stronger: Meet Carolina Barnabe

As a competitive swimmer, Carolina Barnabe learned the value of discipline and hard work–values she implements every day at Cisco. »

Photo of Eli Banay
Cisco Olympian - Eli Banay - Israel

Faster, Higher, Stronger: Meet Eli Banay

After 22 years in the Israeli Air force, Eli Banay is now leading a transformative initiative in his home country. UPDATE: Eli Banay participated in the Olympic Torch Relay in July. »

Photo of Christopher Riling
Cisco Olympian - Marina Morando - Brazil

Faster, Higher, Stronger: Meet Marina Morando

Through her volunteer efforts, Marina Morando sets an example as both a mother and a Cisco employee. »

Photo of Christopher Riling
Cisco Olympian - Christopher Riling - U.S.

Faster, Higher, Stronger: Meet Christopher Riling

Christopher Riling strives to always do better and reach for the sky, regardless of circumstance. »

Photo of Mauricio Amaya
Cisco Olympian - Mauricio Amaya - U.S.

Faster, Higher, Stronger: Meet Mauricio Amaya

Mauricio’s positive outlook on life helped him recover from a life-altering medical issue – and made him a role model. »

Photo of Brijesh Gajera
Cisco Olympian - Brijesh Gajera - India

Faster, Higher, Stronger: Meet Brijesh Gajera

Brijesh combined his passion for running with his desire to make a difference in the world – and ran almost 200 miles in the process. »

Photo of Kelli Lee
Cisco Olympian - Kelli Lee - U.S.

Faster, Higher, Stronger: Meet Kelli Lee

Kelli Lee may be a newcomer to the Cisco community, but her ties to the company run deep. »

Photo of Eric Cullum
Cisco Olympian - Eric Cullum - U.S.

Faster, Higher, Stronger: Meet Eric Cullum

After 6 years in the U.S. Navy, Eric Cullum is embracing the opportunity to bring a new perspective to Cisco »