Olympics, a Springboard for Creating Lasting Impact

Photo of teacher and student
We're connecting communities to better education and pairing students and teachers through the latest technology.

For 16 days in August, Rio de Janeiro will be at the epicenter of the sports universe.

Records will be broken and lasting memories will be made at this year’s Olympic Games. And Cisco will be there every step of the way.

As the official network supplier of the Rio 2016 Summer Games our goal is to ensure it is the most connected mega-event to date. What you may not know about are our long-term goals for the host country beyond the Games.

"We’re committed to helping build a better future for Brazil," says Alex Rosen, who leads global employee engagement and integration across Cisco for the Olympics sponsorship. "In addition to digitizing Rio, we're connecting communities to better education—and better lives. We’re also focused on connecting employees all over the world to the Games, from wherever they are, through opportunities like the Participation Program."

Urban Innovation as a Catalyst for Change

Our urban innovation initiatives focus on connecting more citizens to services and business opportunities. An example of this is Porto Maravilha. Our goal is to create a smart and connected city with Cisco at the core, improving the ability to test and implement city services. Think of it as a "living lab."

We’re also hosting an innovation challenge for startups, entrepreneurs and developers across Brazil. They were asked to submit ideas for apps to build on top of Wi-Fi networks and Living Lab initiatives. We received more than 100 submissions.

The five winning ideas will launch their apps in April. These ideas range from sensor manholes and audio security surveillance, to transportation solutions for those with disabilities.

Social Innovation to Connect More People to Technology

Through our social innovation initiatives, we’re bringing the latest collaborative technologies and IT training to people in disadvantaged communities. Our Knowledge Centers are located in some of the most impoverished areas of Rio.

Photo of team
We're the first IT company to receive the International Olympic Committee Award. (Left to right) Flavio Amorim, Leonardo Ferreira, Eugenio Pimenta, Rodrigo Uchoa, Eduardo Mack.

 We’re hosting live events with people who live in these communities—offering training and exposure to collaborative technologies. We’re also developing a new generation of technology professionals through our Networking Academy. It’s a transformation that will last for generations after the Games.

“This is our opportunity to help a community and country and show the world who we are, what our culture and brand stand for and what our employees want us to be,” says Maria Dincel, Director, Global Sponsorship Marketing and Head of Olympic Games.

Sponsorship Earns Recognition

Cisco recently became the first IT company to win the International Olympic Committee (IOC) award.

The award recognized the importance of Cisco networking and collaboration technologies and the connections we’re making in the country. With the help of Cisco, Team Brazil is able to better connect the Brazilian Olympic Committee, Brazilian Confederations, training centers and sport activities throughout the country. In other words, it highlights how Cisco is contributing to the future of sports and innovation.

“Cisco is building a better world through connections, and the Olympic Games help build a better world through sport,” Maria says. “We know that by securely connecting everything, we can make anything possible—including the most successful Olympic Games yet.”

Thumbs up from Cisco volunteer Anwar Whight, who joined a classroom in Rio de Janeiro via TelePresence from London.

Students at the Madureira Community Center in Rio express their enthusiasm, joined by Cisco volunteer James Thomas in London.
From RTP, Cisco volunteer Steven Chung joins a classroom at the Triagem Community Center in Rio.

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