Power of Connection Video

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Amazing Things - Power of Connection Video

Power of Connection Video

Take a few minutes to watch this video and get inspired. Mirko Bass’ story is a fantastic example of Our People Deal because we can see all three areas come to life - Connect everything, Innovate everywhere and Benefit everyone.  No one asked him to do this. Mirko just had an idea that technology could help the refugee crisis and then he went out and connected with others to make it happen. What started as a proposal for one medical response center evolved to ten and now, they are planning for one hundred. The momentum went beyond Cisco and involved many other community members and social entrepreneurs. You can even see how the project is motivating brilliant young minds and teaching them to never give up on their ideas. Do you have an idea? Have you spotted something that technology can help? Share your thoughts below.

Read more from Mirko in his personal blog.

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