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We make amazing things happen every day. Our Real Deal series gives you the chance to share your experience of working at Cisco and what you make possible. How you connect, innovate and benefit Cisco, our customers, partners, communities and countries. Write your short story about life at Cisco. Once your story is published please share it via email or on social media using #WeAreCisco. You can also rate or comment on the story at the bottom of the page.

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Real Deal

The Real Deal series gives our employees the chance to share their experience of working at Cisco in their words. Share your story - we look forward to hearing from you.

Image of Nina Daya
Love Where You Work - Nina Daya - Project Manager - United States

Life Can Change in an Instant

Nina is proud to work for a company who stands behind their employees. Learn more about how Cisco helped motivate her to never give up. »

Image of Diane Sidden
Real Deal Story - Diane Sidden - United States

Tweeting for a Cause

How one of our teams helped the Food Bank get the word out on social media about their new distribution center. »

Image of Neil Heller
Real Deal Story - Neil Heller - United States

An Accomplishment Very Few Even Attempt, Let Alone Achieve

Swimming from Alcatraz to San Francisco wearing just a bathing suit, goggles and swim cap in 56F water. »

Image of Monica Castillo
Real Deal Story - Monica Castillo - United States

How I Found My Cisco Family

Monica Castillo says her future is just beginning, now she has found her purpose and her Cisco family. »

Image of Jerome Sanders
Real Deal Story - Jerome Sanders - United States

Fostering Relationships Is the Best Part of My Job

Meet millennial Jerome Sanders, who wants to continue to make this world a better place by influencing each other and sharing knowledge. »

Image of Catherine Mazur with 4-year-old Wilson
Real Deal Story - CATHERINE MAZUR - United States

On a Mission to Find a Mission

When we take all the nonsense away from the things that we think matter, life tends to get simpler and clearer. »

Image of Karishma Gandhi

What to Do When Life Gets Mechanical

How yoga can improve your work-life balance: physically, energetically and mentally. »

Image of Christine Liu
Real Deal Story - Christine Liu - United States

Changing the Way We Waste, One Cup at a Time

Making sustainable actions simple and fun for everyone, so changing behavior becomes easy. »

Image of Harold Bell
Real Deal Story - Harold Bell - United States

A Sneakerhead Who Found Inspiration from What Women Want

Meet millennial Harold Bell who travels the world creating films for Cisco, and learn why he loves his job in marketing. »

Image of Vladimir Gyurov
Real Deal Story - Vladimir Gyurov - Bulgaria

I Believe Nothing Is Impossible

Despite being in a wheelchair, Vladimir Gyurov recently climbed the highest mountain peak in the Balkans. »

Image of Jacqueline Cromity
Real Deal Story - Jacqueline Cromity - U.S.

Living Life to the Fullest in Spite of Cancer

Jacqueline Cromity shares how she refused to let her battle with cancer take away her peace, joy and determination to live life to the fullest. »

Image of Carlos Pignataro
Real Deal Story - Carlos Pignataro - U.S.

Building Bonds While Building a School

Carlos Pignataro shares the story of his amazing adventure in a remote area of Kenya. »

Image of Sam Moylan
Real Deal Story - Sam Moylan - United Kingdom

Going Wild with Time2Give

Have you hugged a meerkat today? How I used my Time2Give hours to work at a wildlife sanctuary in Namibia. »

Image of Soumya Dey
Real Deal Story - Soumya Dey - India

Walk the Walk, Don't Just Talk

My Journey to the remotest corner of our planet. »

Image of Jodi Swanson
Real Deal Story - Jodi Swanson - U.S.

Paying It Forward in Honduras

Jodi Swanson shares with us her Time2Give experience at La Finca Orphanage in Honduras. »

Image of Madhumathi Muthu
Real Deal Story - Madhumathi Muthu - India

In Search of Something Magical

Climbing high helped me reach new heights. »

Image of Alphonsine Imaniraguha
Real Deal Story - Alphonsine Imaniraguha - U.S.

Finding Hope Amid Great Loss

With perseverance and determination, it is possible to rise above life's challenges. »

Image of Gergely Berta
Real Deal Story - Karim Kattouf - Lebanon

Cisco Warmth Breaks the Ice in Lebanon

Face to face with the Syrian refugee crisis, our team in Beirut responds with warmth and kindness. »

Image of Gergely Berta
Real Deal Story - Gergely Berta - The Netherlands

Make a Difference and Start Folding

Cisco's technology and IT Data Centers make a difference for people across the globe enabling Folding@Home. »

Image of Jared Edens and family
Real Deal Story - Jared Edens - U.S.

Storytelling Opens a Window of Understanding

I learned how becoming a better storyteller can help me connect my personal story to Cisco’s brand. »

Image of students
Real Deal Story - Lynn Gannon - U.S.

Opening Minds of the Future

A debate session using Cisco TelePresence opened the eyes and minds of high school students. »

Image of Justin Riray
Real Deal Story - Justin Riray - U.S.

Meet the Millennials: Justin Riray

Join Cisco millennial Justin Riray in the day of the life as an executive communicator. Find out why he is known in the company as the "Bowtie Guy". »

Image of Shannu Kaw
Real Deal Story - Shannu Kaw - India

An Amazing Journey

For one Cisco director, lessons in leadership center on a simple truth: It’s all about people. »

Image of Mike Kelly and 3d spine
Real Deal Story - Mike Kelly - U.S.

At the Crossroads of Creativity, Technology and Service

With the help of 3D printing, a solutions architect turns his skills to helping himself and others with medical needs. »

Image of Kate O'Keeffe
Real Deal Story - Kate O'Keeffe - U.S.

Together We Do More: Meet Kate O'Keeffe.

Kate O'Keeffe, leader of the Cisco Hyper Innovation Learning Lab (CHILL), gives you a glimpse into her life as a technology rockstar, daughter, wife, and soon to be mom. »

Image of Punam Nagpal
Real Deal Story - Punam Nagpal - U.S.

The Secret to a Successful STEM Career

How to maintain healthy priorities between your career and your health, leisure, family and spiritual life. »

Image of Anna Janas
Real Deal Story - Anna Janas - Poland

IoE for Kids

Explaining my job to my 4 year-old daughter, I realised it's never too early to learn how technology can change lives. »

Image of Penny McCullough and daughter
Real Deal Story - Penny McCullough - U.K.

Together We Do More: Meet Penny McCullough

Penny McCullough shows us how she juggles her work at Cisco as a marketing manager and being a wife and mother of two twin daughters—and she wouldn't have it any other way. »

Image of Dorian Breakspear-Coyle
Real Deal Story - Dorian Breakspear-Coyle - United Arab Emirates

Climbing for Those Who Can't

The journey to Mount Elbrus, Russia and Europe's highest mountain! »

Image of Sarah Eccleston
Real Deal Story - Sarah Eccleston - UK & Ireland

Can IoE Reduce Ivory Poaching? A Cisco Director Finds Out.

If we can connect a cow to the Internet, why not an elephant? »

Real Deal Story
Real Deal Story - Shawn Price - U.S.

Together We Do More: Meet Shawn Price

During his 24 years at Cisco, Shawn Price has been on the greatest ride of his life. »

Real Deal Story
Real Deal Story - Agnieszka Jank

Building Homes and Giving Hope

How I helped a family break out of poverty and anticipate a better future. »

Real Deal Story
Real Deal Story - Maurice Robertson - U.S.

Together We Do More: Meet Maurice Robertson

Maurice Robertson shares how life-changing events can inspire a commitment to change the world in the best possible way. »

Real Deal Story - Avni Baveja - U.S.

Hacking Your Way to Making New Friends and Working on New Technologies

For Avni Baveja, hackathons are a great way to create solutions that are game-changing and disruptive. »

Real Deal Story - Paul Jordan - U.K.

On Top of the World

Setting a new Guinness World Record—are you cool enough? »

Real Deal Story - Omar Sultan - U.S.

Stepping Up for Our Vets

Respecting and caring for each other—Cisco fundraising provides PTSD service dogs that can do amazing things for our vets. »

Real Deal Story - Leila Ortega - U.S.

My Lifelong Dream Job

How I landed the perfect job where I get to work from home full time, which I do from a walking work desk.

Real Deal Story - Kyle Lindsey - U.S.

Winning with Creativity, Persistence and Patience

Learn how we bundled and listened our way to a $250 million strategic partnership with Charter Communications. Read Kyle Lindsey's story to get a behind-the-scenes view.

Real Deal Story - Tjerk Bijlsma - Netherlands

We Won the SDN Battle

Our Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) solution is creating a major disruption in the software defined networks (SDN) market. Read Tjerk Bijlsma's story to get a behind-the-scenes perspective. »

Real Deal Story - Hassan Osman - U.S.

How to Influence Virtual Teams and Write a Book About It

The world is changing. We will all eventually manage or work as a part of a virtual team – regardless of the industry we're in. »

Real Deal Story - Samantha Binns - U.K.

A Day in the Life of an Intern

I'm a new hire at Cisco in the UK. Since graduating from University in July with a First Class degree in Brand Promotion and Photography, I have moved from Leeds to London and landed my first job at Cisco. »

Real Deal Story - Vaidehi Bhandari - U.S.

A Glimpse of Indian culture: through the Bollywood way

Bollywood comes to San Jose. The rich cultural heritage and history from the land of India, showcasing its Unity in Diversity was brought to life for the very first time at Cisco's Child Care. »

Real Deal Story - Charlotte Steddum - U.S.

Conquering the New Frontier - the Transition From School to Work

I was fresh out of college – hanging up my book bag for a briefcase, replacing my college-branded hoodie for a business suit. »

Real Deal Story - Beth Kincaid - U.S.

Connecting the Unconnected

For the past 6 months, I've gotten the opportunity to teach and volunteer at a local social services center. My time spent helping clients developing computer skills has been an eye-opening experience. »