Amazing People

Read stories about our employees and leaders making amazing things happen in business, technology and communities around the world.

Photo of Frank Palumbo and Fenway Park
Amazing People - Love Where You Work

Cultivating a Passion for Winning

Frank Palumbo has been winning, innovating and building sizeable businesses in a job he loves for 25 years. »

Photo of Simon Gascoigne Film Making
Amazing People - Amazing Jobs

Lights, Camera, Action

Simon Gascoigne explains how he uses his filmmaking skills to help tell our stories and why he loves where he works. »

Photo of Jiri Kocab
Amazing People - Jiri Kocab

Protecting Cisco's Brand Is a Full-Time Job for Jiri Kocab

If you slept well last night, it might be because of the Brand Protection team he is part of. »

Photo of Rowan Trollope
Amazing People - Rowan Trollope

Get to Know Rowan Trollope

Rowan is a father, tech geek, artist, visionary, and mountaineer all rolled into one. »

Photo of Rich West
Amazing People - Amazing Jobs

Rich West Walks the Fine Line Between Securing Cisco and Its Employees and Protecting Their Privacy

Veteran information architect Rich West has the task of stopping the bad guys so quietly you don’t even notice. »

Photo of Wendy Bahr
Amazing People - Wendy Bahr – U.S.

A Year of Momentous Change

Wendy Bahr discusses her growing family, key takeaways from Partner Summit, and offers advice for developing leadership skills. »

Photo of GPS Team
Amazing People - Global Protective Services

Need a Bubble of Protection? There’s a Cisco Team for That

Our Global Protective Services Team is a vital resource for top leaders and regular employees alike, helping the business succeed in some of the toughest environments. »

Photo of Annual Giving Campaign
Amazing People - Annual Giving Campaign

Bridging Around the World: How Do You Do Good?

Your colleagues in India and UKI have already started their campaigns, uniting family, friends and fun to make an impact in their communities. »

Photo of Nic Selk
Amazing People - Amazing Jobs

Meet Nic Selk—Our First Innovation Program Manager

He helps solve customer problems so they can get to their own success stories. »

Photo of Peyton Walton
Amazing People - STEPHEN KRAUSE – U.S.

Making Meaningful Connections

One courageous girl uses technology to stay connected to her class during her fight with cancer. »

Photo of Chris Dedicoat
Amazing People - Chris Dedicoat – U.S.

Get to Know Chris Dedicoat

Meet Chris Dedicoat, our global Sales leader—with a passion for engineering, bass guitar and Southern Italian food. »

Photo of Yvette Kanouff
Amazing People - Yvette Kanouff – U.S.

Get to Know Yvette Kanouff

Meet Yvette Kanouff—an Emmy-winning technophile who loves people, mathematics, gaming, and simply having fun. »

Photo of Ryan Dsouza speaking to the press.
Amazing People - NOC Team – U.S.

Behind the Scenes: Making Mega Events Rock

The Network Operations core team securely connects everything and brings technology to life for our customers. »

Photo of Linas Dauksa and Mars rover
Amazing People - Amazing Jobs - Linas Dauksa – U.S.

Linas Dauksa Thrives Where Work and Volunteerism Intersect

A marketing manager by trade, he blends an artist’s heart with an engineer’s mind. »

Photo of Amanda Whaley
Amazing People - Larry Hutchins – U.S.

Larry Hutchins—Wiring the National Political Conventions

Hutchins' eagerness—and ability—to take on challenging, intense projects led him to head up the architectural design and wiring of the national U.S. political conventions. »

Photo of Amanda Whaley
Amazing People - Amanda Whaley – U.S.

Cisco Innovators: Amanda Whaley

It's Amanda's job to get developers to think of Cisco when they think of software. »

Photo of John Stewart
Amazing People - John Stewart

Get to Know John Stewart

Meet John N. Stewart—a world-class security expert with deep Scottish heritage and a passion for helping others succeed. »

Photo of Navindra
Amazing People - Navindra Yadav

Meet the Man Behind Tetration Analytics

Cisco Fellow Navindra Yadav’s journey in creating a revolutionary data center platform. »

Photo of women in tech conference
Amazing People - Powering the Future

Powering the Future

For women in technology, anything is possible. »

Photo of Wayne Homell
Amazing People - Amazing Jobs - Wayne Homell

Meet Wayne Homell, Whose Job Is to Keep You Safe, All Day, Every Day

Wayne leads the organization that watches over and protects employees—and not in a Big Brother way. »

Photo of Craig Williams
Amazing People - Amazing Jobs - Craig Williams

Meet Craig Williams—Security Expert Extraordinaire

As manager of Cisco's Talos Outreach team, he helps brings the fight to cyber crooks everywhere—and has fun doing it. »

Photo of Cisco Warsaw
Amazing People - Meet the Cisco Poland Team - EMEAR

Meet the Cisco Poland Team

Something special is going on in Cisco Poland. Find out what the team loves about working there. »

Photo of Wendy
Amazing People - Get to Know Wendy Bahr

Get to Know Wendy Bahr

Meet Wendy Bahr, Senior Vice President of Cisco's Global Partner Organization—a problem-solver extraordinaire who will trade mundane routine for a tough challenge any day of the week. »

Photo of Hilton Romanski
Amazing People - Get to Know Hilton Romanski

Get to Know Hilton Romanski

Our Chief Strategy Officer Hilton Romanski talks about what makes a good leader and how surfing gives him perspective in his day-to-day life. »

Photo of torch
Amazing People - Why They Carry the Torch

Why They Carry the Torch

Our Cisco Olympians, first-place winners of the torch relay contest, will carry the Olympic Torch at the Rio 2016 Games. »

Image of Joe Cozzolino
Amazing People - Joe Cozzolino - U.S.

Get to Know Joe Cozzolino

In this video, Joe Cozzolino, SVP, Cisco Services, talks about the importance of building great teams and how his family inspires him. »

Image of Deidra Brown
Amazing People - Deidra Brown - U.S.

Turning Fear into Fearless

Cisco Consulting Engineer Deidra Brown learned how to turn fear into fearlessness. Now she's inspiring others to do the same. »

Image of Mirko Bass
Amazing People - Mirko Bass - Germany

A Simple Idea and Use of Technology Gives Hope to Refugees

Mirko Bass, Business Development Manager, teams up with others to make a difference. »

Image of Giovanna Carofiglio
Amazing People - Giovanna Carofiglio - France

Reinventing the Internet

Cisco Distinguished Engineer Giovanna Carofiglio is part of a small, global effort to create the networking protocols of the future. »

Image of Guillermo Diaz Jr
Amazing People - Guillermo Diaz Jr. - U.S.

Get to Know Guillermo "G" Diaz Jr.

Meet Guillermo Diaz Jr. —a two-time martial arts national champ with a passion for technology, golf and community. »

Image of Jean Philippe Desbiens
Amazing People - Jean-Philippe Desbiens - Canada

Journey from WorldSkills to Cisco

Jean-Philippe a laboratory administrator at Cisco received certification from the Cisco Networking Academy at the age of 17. He is involved in his community and is always eager to learn new technologies. »

Image of Plamen Nedeltchev
Amazing People - Plamen Nedeltchev - U.S.

It Begins with Passion, Followed by Vision and Execution

As IT’s Chief Architect of the Internet of Everything, Plamen Nedeltchev is passionate about his work—and what’s yet to come for the future of technology. »

Image of Chris Cottrell
Amazing People - Chris Cottrell - U.S.

Deploying the Internet of Everything in Cisco IT

Always ahead of his time, Distinguished IT Engineer Chris Cottrell looks for the leading edge of what technology behind a great idea can accomplish. »

Image of Kevin Bandy
Amazing People - Kevin Bandy - U.S.

Get to Know Kevin Bandy

Our new Chief Digital Officer is equal parts world explorer and family man. Meet Kevin Bandy. »

Image of Ruba Borno
Amazing People - Ruba Borno - U.S.

Get to Know Ruba Borno

Meet Ruba Borno—she's intense, takes her fun seriously, and considers it her duty to change the world. »

Amazing People - Sandhya Kerehalli - India

Engineering Brighter Futures

Software engineer Sandhya Kerehalli is closing the digital divide in her community, one student at a time. »

Amazing People - Irving Tan - Singapore

Get to Know Irving Tan

In this video, Irving Tan, SVP, Asia Pacific and Japan, talks about what makes a team strong, what he is passionate about, what keeps him up at night, and what makes him laugh. »

Amazing People - Hallgrim Sagen - Norway

Adventures in Industrial Design

Hallgrim Sagen is part of our global team of designers that who is are reimagining how the world collaborates. »

Amazing People - Jyoti Sarin - U.S.

Voice of the Innovator: Jyoti Sarin

Jyoti's motto is to inspire and enable innovation at Cisco. In this podcast, she shares her thoughts on leading and motivating teams to create exponential impact. »

Amazing People - Jonathan Rosenberg - U.S.

Get to Know Jonathan Rosenberg

Our Collaboration Technology Group CTO reflects on a life-long love for computing and innovation. »

Amazing People - Kevin Corbin - U.S.

Fascinated by Complex Systems

Meet ACI wizard Kevin Corbin, who never met a complex system he wasn't interested in mastering. »

Amazing People - Rebeca de la Vega - Mexico

Passion with a Purpose

Rebeca de la Vega's long road to Cisco helped her discover the best way to make a positive impact on people's lives. »

Amazing People - Shraddha Chaplot - U.S.

Voice of the Innovator: Shraddha Chaplot

Listen to Shraddha's take on innovation at Cisco in the Amazing People podcast series. »

Amazing People - "Fab Five" - U.S.

Cisco's "Fab Five" on Gender Diversity

Leaders of the Operating Committee talk to Fortune about Cisco's journey to create a more diverse workforce. »

Amazing People - Fran Katsoudas - U.S.

Get to Know Fran Katsoudas

Our Chief of Human Resources, talks about learning, passion and how to grow amazing teams. »

Amazing People - Andrew Clark - Belgium

Going the Distance

When the network infrastructure for the world's most high-pressure events has to perform flawlessly, Cisco Customer Assurance Program Manager Andrew Clark gets the call. »

Amazing People - Karen Walker - U.S.

Get to Know Karen Walker

SVP of Marketing Karen Walker talks about her leadership style and what she calls the three Ds of leadership. Learn what else she is passionate about. »

Amazing People - Ben Varghese - U.S.

Voice of the Innovator: Ben Varghese

As part of Cisco Consulting Services, Ben's job is to unlock business value from emerging technologies like robots, drones, augmented reality and 3D printers. Listen to the podcast. »

Amazing People - John Brigden - U.S.

Get to Know John Brigden

He's an avid sailor. He grew up in Wisconsin with three brothers and five sisters. And if he could meet one person, dead or alive, it would be Thomas Jefferson. »

Amazing People - Sue-Lynn Hinson - U.S.

In the Center of the Cyclone

When a natural disaster strikes, chances are that Sue-Lynn Hinson and the Cisco Tactical Operations team will be on the ground within hours to establish critical connections for those who need it most. »

Amazing People - Cullen Jennings - Canada

Building Tomorrow

Cisco Fellow Cullen Jennings's job description is simple: invent the future. His motivation is even simpler: make communication and collaboration tools available to everyone on the planet. »

Amazing People - Vanessa Sulikowski - Australia

Unconventional Trailblazer

Vanessa Sulikowski has a passion for bush walking. That's what Australians call hiking in the backcountry. »

Amazing People - Young Tran - U.S.

Accessibility Champion

For Young Tran, working to create greater accessibility for the disabled at Cisco and beyond is more than just a job. »

Amazing People - Michelle Concannon - U.S.

Voice of the Innovator: Michelle Concannon

Michelle Concannon leads the core engineering and DevOps effort for Project Squared’s call control and desktop-sharing services deployed in Cisco’s next-generation cloud. »

Amazing People - Chuck Robbins - U.S.

Get to Know Chuck Robbins

Chuck Robbins, Cisco's Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales, talks about what inspires him at work, who he turns to for a fresh perspective and what makes him laugh. »

Amazing People - Cisco Security Team - Global

Get to Know Our Security Team

What a difference a year makes. One year ago this week, we welcomed the Sourcefire team to Cisco. In just 12 months, the combined security team has had some amazing achievements. »

Amazing People - Woody Sessoms - U.S.

Get to Know Woody Sessoms

Woody Sessoms' roots run deep in North Carolina. His family arrived in Jamestown in 1666, moving to North Carolina shortly thereafter. »

Amazing People - Preethi Natarajan - U.S.

Voice of the Innovator: Preethi Natarajan

Preethi Natarajan is an engineer in Innovation Labs based in San Jose. She is currently leading research and prototyping efforts for predictive analytics use cases relevant to Cisco's enterprise networking portfolio. »